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Hey, I'm Jordi aka etherealwinds. I'm a vocalist, composer and Celtic harpist. I'm one half of the duo, Forest Elves (http://www.youtube.com/ForestElves). I'm also a serial procrastinator which means I don't make half as much music as I should.

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Etherealwinds Harp & Voice II Sample Library, India + Square Enix

Posted by etherealwinds - May 13th, 2018

Hey guys :) hope you're all well! 

I've been pretty much absent from Newgrounds since last year's NGADM and I've not really been making music. As some of you may (or may not) be aware, I collaborated with NG's very own Samulis' Versilian Studios to bring the Etherealwinds Harp II library into existence. Although it was released back in September or October last year, it's currently on a 75% off sale so there's more hype about it again. I finally got around to playing around with it in my own track, which was kinda weird hearing the vocal patch as harmonies alongside my acoustically recorded voice! Really neat though :) I wonder if anyone on NG has used it in any of their tracks! If so, do let me know because I'd love to hear!

The main reason I guess behind not really working on music is that I spent three months (January-April) in India on the International Citizen Service programme! I was staying in Rajasthan with a host-family that spoke no English working in a small village on development projects, focusing on empowering youth and women, sanitation, the Anganwadi projects which is the pre-school system which also assists mothers and pregnant women, and tackling issues such as child marriage which is very prevalent over there! Since I got back about a month ago, I've been totally blocked mentally in terms of music. I finally got back to it today though so hopefully I can continue.


I also fulfilled one of my life dreams while I was in India, and that was to have music that I've worked on released by Square Enix (the VG company behind the Final Fantasy series!) I worked with the composer Tomoki Miyoshi, whose work I especially liked on the I Am Setsuna soundtrack. We worked together on the remix album of the soundtrack for Square Enix's game 'Lost Sphear' which was released back in February while I was far away from the internet. That was pretty fun and we're planning to work together more in the future. While I enjoy working on my own original tracks, it's always really great to collaborate with others! I especially enjoy working on projects that can make good use of my vocals, even moreso than I enjoy composing instrumentally. 

Anyway, that's about me caught up! Sorry for being so quiet - It would be great to reconnect with my NG community friends again :) 


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Welcome back, my friend! You've been busy and no mistake. Glad to see you back on NG.

Thank you Chrony, lovely to be in touch again!

Welcome backkk! :D

Great to hear from you! Sounds like you've been involved with some really big life events in the past few months; that citizen service program must have been an incredible experience. It's also super exciting to hear about your collaboration! I'll have to check out the Lost Sphear soundtrack now ;)

Thanks! You can say that again haha :) India was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Sounds like you had quite the adventure, good on you lending people a hand and congratulations on the square collaboration.

It is wonderful to see you back. <3 How is your recovery coming along?

Very strange trying to adapt to home-life but I'm getting back into music finally, so that's helping :)

Did someone say 75% sale? How much is that? I'm super broke but could probably spring it if it's cheap.

Also, have heard not so good things about Citizen Service program in India -- glad to hear you have been treated well.

And absolutely awesome you got to work with Tomoki Miyoshi. If I'm reading you right, we can check out 'Lost Sphear,' we can hear your work, or we'l have to look for a remix?

It was usually $59.99 but now it's $14.99 so a pretty big drop! :) It's on audioplugin.deals. ICS is a UK government funded programme where you can literally end up in Asia, South America or Africa and you stay with a host family and work on a development project. It's very much about self-development too! The remix album is downloadable through Steam I think. It's called 'Forgotten Memories'.

@etherealwinds BTW, IIRC A Reyvateil's Melody did contact you once -- and the reason I know is that I got invited into it this year as well -- whatcha thinkin' 'bout it?

Hi Annette! The name doesn't seem familiar, what is it? :)

@ADR3-N @etherealwinds

I'll check that out. When does the sale end?

Ah, so it's UK based; that's a totally different program. What I was referencing was essentially a child-military draft.

Awesome. Thanks!

In 6 days, 9 hours, 57 minutes and 20 seconds! Yeah, it's run by VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas)

Sweet. Double thank you, yo. You are getting a decent hunk of the proceeds, correct?

I get 15% of the proceeds from the final sales :)

@etherealwinds An Ar tonelico related doujin circle that is diverse, but does music that coincides with our genres. The user you may have been approached by is a certain Alroetsue?

Hmm, as far as I can recall it's the first I've heard of it and I don't think I've been contacted by anyone of that name? Contacted through Newgrounds or elsewhere? :o

@etherealwinds Elsewhere AFAIK. Unless she may have thought of the wrong person. Apologies aaaa ;_;

I had a quick check on my Skype + social media and searched the name but nothing came up!

How's India doing? :D

I came back in the beginning of April :) I'm in Thailand right now!