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Hey, I'm Jordi aka etherealwinds. I'm a vocalist, composer and Celtic harpist. One half of Forest Elves, one half of Phoenix Up. Available for commissions.

Jordi Francis @etherealwinds

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The Culture of Honest Reviews on Newgrounds Encourages Valuable Development: Discuss.

I came to Newgrounds from the YouTube community in 2013, and on YouTube, I benefited (on the majority) from a lot of short but positive comments that never really zoned into anything in particular about the music. Of course, I was always very grateful to read these comments, and while they motivated me to keep making music and uploading, they never really challenged me to improve, or help me to develop my craft. So, the first thing that I noticed about Newgrounds was how different it was having a 'review' system rather than simply a 'comment' system.

I was pretty much encouraged to join that year's Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch competition, and for those familiar with it, one of the biggest elements and (in my opinion) benefits of it are the in-depth, specific reviews/feedback participants receive from judging. In the few months I was creating music in that contest alone, I was given feedback I'd never been given before; actual useful knowledge I was then able to apply to my work. My perspective shifted and I could immediately see an improvement in the quality of my work, and it was exciting!

While we all know that Newgrounds is no stranger to a troll, generally, the community has a healthy culture of sharing work with the expectation of feedback, and of giving honest feedback knowing that as long as it's given in good faith, the creator will be quite glad for it (though I'm sure we all know people who don't fit into that category)! This, in my opinion, is what makes Newgrounds special, and what Newgrounds is able to offer creators more-so than any other communities I've seen on the internet. This unique dynamic between creation and honest reviews can be really educational, and has the potential to continue to uplift and invest in the growth of the community.

This is what's kept me around on Newgrounds since 2013, and why I continue to actively invest my time and energy into doing the same for others, when I can (though not as much as I should and would like to).

I'd love to hear some other opinions on the value you as a community-member places on Newgrounds, and what keeps you here, either as a creator or as an audience-member?


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