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Hey, I'm Jordi aka etherealwinds. I'm a vocalist, composer and Celtic harpist. I'm one half of the duo, Forest Elves (http://www.youtube.com/ForestElves). I'm also a serial procrastinator which means I don't make half as much music as I should.

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So, I was waiting for the results of both competitions before writing a post on it, as they were both running alongside each-other this year! I probably saw the NGADM audition post appear in the forum and immediately submitted a track in a whim, which in turn led me to forget about the NGADM when also submitting an audition for the NGUAC... so, I was a bit overwhelmed at first when I realised I had to make tracks for both competitions.

I didn't wanna just submit the same track to both competitions because I felt that was a bit of a cop out, and due to the different dates in rounds, that wasn't always possible anyway! I decided to just take the challenge and go with the flow, and even if I had to create more songs than I had first intended, I might have more of a chance of making it far in at least one of the big NG contests this year! 

It was my first time entering the NGUAC, and I placed first which I was pretty pleased with! @LuminX and @AzulJazz took second and third place and really made some incredible tracks. There were 19 participants in the final round all in all, so I honestly didn't expect to take first. 

Then of course, there's the NGADM, that I try to enter every year! I suppose this year was my year, because I also placed first in the NGADM! In 2013 and 2017, I placed third both times so after getting to the final, I sorta anticipated getting a third third haha!

This was a really tight final - the winners of 2015, @bassfiddlejones + @joshgawaldomusic taking second place with 'Forgotten Promises', an incredible Celtic shanty-style track straight out of How To Train Your Dragon - you've definitely gotta listen to it if you've not heard it already!

My partner in crime @LucidShadowDreamer took third place with 'Mourning My Memories', one of his most beautiful solo piano compositions to date, in my opinion. He also helped me with the Finnish lyrics for my winning entry, so really a big part of the appeal of the track was thanks to him.

In fourth place was @TeslaX11 whose track, 'False Consciousness Collapse' blew me away, with its hard-hitting composition and mix... an insanely talented guy that deserves all the positivity he gets his way!

So, I think that's me done with competitions on Newgrounds for this year, but it's safe to say that I'm really pleased to have been more active in the community this year than I have been in past years, and it's certainly nice to be part of the winner's circle of the NGUAC and NGADM. Big thanks to all the judges that have put so much effort into running both of the contests this year. All the judges and the contestants deserve lots and lots of love and appreciation! :)

Thank you all for always supporting me and motivating me to not only keep creating music, but to innovate and improve. For a musician with a style as niche as mine, the appreciation I get is really encouraging! 


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