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etherealwinds's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 29 (From 5 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 810 Points

A Sweet Typing Thrill

A Blast from the Past Unlocked 9/12/18
10 Points
I Understand
Agar Man Unlocked 9/12/18
50 Points
Nag a Ram
Rotate Unlocked 9/12/18
50 Points
Ridiculous 25 Points Let's see a bright smile.
Clarity 50 Points You're on your own.
Cries of Truth 50 Points Listening is a virtue.
Substitutions 50 Points We all get replaced.
Master of Words Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The Last Name Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/9 (110/485 points)


Shadow Unlocked 11/1/18
5 Points
Complete the first five levels
Dark Surroundings Unlocked 11/1/18
10 Points
Complete the first 10 levels
More Darkness 25 Points Complete the first fifteen levels
What seems impossible 50 Points Work with nothing
Embrace the Light 100 Points Complete the game.

Medals Earned: 2/5 (15/190 points)

Playing With Letters

Comprehension Unlocked 9/12/18
5 Points
The antonym for incomprehension.
Math Unlocked 9/12/18
10 Points
Everyone's favorite school subject.
Aibohphobia Unlocked 9/12/18
25 Points
"I" can't tell you the answer.
Name Calling Unlocked 9/12/18
25 Points
Evil lives on.
Nag a Ram Unlocked 9/12/18
50 Points
No clues here.
Riddle Unlocked 9/12/18
50 Points
Me this.
Locations Revealed Unlocked 9/12/18
100 Points
For a small price.

Medals Earned: 7/7 (265/265 points)

TBK Battle

Gotta Start Somewhere Unlocked 8/15/14
5 Points
Try the Alpha
Pervert Unlocked 8/15/14
5 Points
Play with yourself
Defeated Unlocked 8/15/14
10 Points
Lose a battle
Do You Even Lift? Unlocked 8/15/14
10 Points
Melee attack worth 1 damage
Hit The Crit Unlocked 8/15/14
10 Points
Land a critical hit
Pumping Iron Unlocked 8/15/14
10 Points
Melee attack worth 10 damage
Victory Unlocked 8/15/14
10 Points
Win your first battle
Denied! Unlocked 8/15/14
25 Points
Block all 3 magic attacks in a single battle
Feel The Burn Unlocked 8/15/14
25 Points
Land all 3 magic attacks in a single battle
Max Heal Unlocked 8/15/14
25 Points
Restore 15 health with a single heal spell
Max Magic Unlocked 8/15/14
25 Points
Deal 15 damage with a single magic spell
Owned! Unlocked 8/15/14
50 Points
Drop opponent's health to at least -5
Pwned! Unlocked 8/15/14
50 Points
Be defeated with at least -5 health
So Much Fail Unlocked 8/15/14
50 Points
Lose 3 consecutive battles
So Much Win Unlocked 8/15/14
50 Points
Win 3 consecutive battles
Tank Unlocked 8/15/14
50 Points
Have a total health of 125 or greater

Medals Earned: 16/16 (410/410 points)


Three's Company Unlocked 4/1/16
10 Points
Win with three hearts.
Ace of Spades 5 Points Get a single spade in a spin
Too Wild 5 Points Get two wilds in a single spin.
HUGE LOSER! 10 Points Lose all your credits.
10k 25 Points Reach $10,000 in credit.
Four's a Crowd 25 Points Win with four angry faces.
Good Signal! 25 Points Win with 5 rows of platinum bars.
Keep it 100 25 Points Get 100 spins in a single game.
Six Dollar Burger 50 Points Win with 6 rows of cash.
Jackpot!!!! 100 Points Win the Jackpot
Lucy in the Sky 100 Points Win with 7 rows of diamonds

Medals Earned: 1/11 (10/380 points)