NGADM 2013

2013-08-11 08:43:36 by etherealwinds

I'm still a little in shock. I was so happy to have passed the auditions, but that's one thing. Then the REAL competition starts, and that, is a whole other thing entirely. With everyone being fueled by their competitive streaks, their A-game really is on, so I was really in for a challenge. I was laid in bed, dreading checking the results (I'm not sure why to be honest, I wouldn't have minded losing, it was actually what I fully expected)!

How I got to Round 2, let along got there with the fifth highest ranking this round is beyond me. There are SO many talented people on here, seriously. Professional sound engineers and musicians who have been doing what they do for a very long while now. I'm really, really grateful. I'm a little more fearful of Round 2 now because the pressure genuinely is on. The difference between this coming entry is that I didn't feel too much pressure for Round 1, simply because I expected to have lost. I just did something close to my heart that I loved to make.

Now, I've gotta mix it up and create something amazing. This is an interesting and exciting competition indeed!


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2013-08-11 12:40:40

HOLYFUCK... I fall in love with ur music

etherealwinds responds:

I appreciate it! Thank you~ :D


2013-08-11 22:13:57

Listening to your music right now. Holy hell, let me just.. Jesus. I really think you'll make it far in the competition.

Are you open to collaborations sometime in the future?

etherealwinds responds:

2013 is my collaborations year. I'm always open to collaborations :) thank you kindly!


2013-08-14 18:22:07

This is my first time entering the NGADM, and goodness knows I've been fairly blown away by the diverse nature of the music on offer. So much incredible talent, and your song gave me goose was just so beautiful and moving. I can't wait to hear what you come up with for Round 2!

etherealwinds responds:

Yay for first time enterers. I'm sure we can both learn a lot and hopefully give something new to the contest. I'm already a big fan of your work, so thank you so much. Your opinion means a great deal! I have something pretty special in the works (at least I hope so)! Fingers crossed everything turns out as planned! Can't wait to hear yours! ^_^