OverClocked ReMix

2013-08-14 17:23:57 by etherealwinds

Gonna keep this short.

About 8 months ago, I decided on a whim to submit a remix of Hymn of the Fayth from FFX to OC Remix. Knowing how completely strict they are, I fully didn't expect to get accepted. Guess who's now an official OC ReMixer?

fdsofja so baffled. This is a huge achievement for me as OC Remix is genuinely such a prestigious website when it comes to video-game music. I can certainly tick that off the bucket list. *___* Feeling amazing.


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2013-08-14 18:16:26

Wow, huge congrats! That is quite a prestigious honour. How can I find your Hymn of the Fayth remix at OverClocked? I would love to listen to that and any future remixes of yours. ^_^

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you so much, I'm really baffled but so honoured. I'll be sure to let people know when it's up on the site or YouTube channel, but it can take a few weeks! ^0^ Perhaps I'll upload it onto Newgrounds meanwhile?


2013-08-14 21:45:53


etherealwinds responds:



2013-08-14 22:37:43

Grats man! You deserve it!

etherealwinds responds:

Thank youu! :)


2013-08-19 16:25:53


I never made it to OCR however hard I tried, and knowing them, I probably wouldn't make it even with Chant de l'Éveil...

etherealwinds responds:

Oh no I'm sure you will! The song that I put forward is actually quite bad, at least in my standards. It was a complete draft experiment and I spent less than an hour on it. I guess they liked it? I know that I could have done a lot better if I put more effort into it though. I'm sure you can definitely have some success, just keep trying! :)


2013-08-20 10:39:36

Congratulations! That's super awesome :D

etherealwinds responds:

It is indeeeeed!! Thank you :D


2013-08-20 12:09:23

I will do... I had submitted, just as attempts to be known, 1) my remake of the title theme to Tales of the Abyss, and 2) my Overthere Shrine cover. Both are on NG. I remember just how frustrated.... no, just how hopeless I had felt when they were tearing my work apart.

If I do not make it on OCR even with Chant de l'Éveil, then I guess I know: OCR is not the place for me, even if it is the best place for video game remixes and covers. Because these are things I know I put my whole heart and soul into.

etherealwinds responds:

As long as you put your heart and soul into it, that's the most important thing. As long as you appreciate it with all your heart, it doesn't matter whether other people will have a critical opinion of it. They won't be analysing the effort and love behind it necessarily, just the subjective music technicalities. Nobody can take away the work you put into it and if it's not for them, then that is a huge shame! ^0^ don't lose faith though, continue to put your heart and soul into your work and I'm sure that one day, you'll make it!


2013-08-20 14:13:42

Honestly though, the music I've been making was never made for acceptance. Come what may....

Thanks for encouraging me through this though. Sorely needed it. T_T

etherealwinds responds:

I could say the same about mine! It's more a case of waiting for people to come and find you that not only accept you but grow to show a strong appreciation for what you have to offer. It all starts with finding that within yourself first which I believe you already have. 223 fans on Newgrounds beg to differ that your music isn't to be accepted, including me. Keep up the wonderful work! :)