Law Year 1!

2013-08-29 10:53:34 by etherealwinds

So I don't know how it works elsewhere, but in my Law degree there are six modules.

Passing each module = 20 points and to go onto year 2 you need 120 points.

I was practically shitting myself for my last module's results because either I'd have failed the year or passed and gone onto year 2. I got my results today and I passsssssssed!

yayay okay so now NGADM Round 2 results tomorrow, hoho my nerves are shot.


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2013-08-29 11:22:41

SIX MODULES? What are you doing, the LLB? O_O I never heard of the LLB having six modules in Year 1...

etherealwinds responds:

I have no idea what the LLB is ;_; they're not huge modules but stressful nonetheless!


2013-08-29 12:44:20

LLB = Legum Baccalaureus = Bachelor of Law. That's what the law degree is generally called, unless you're doing Joint Honours with another subject.

(assuming this is English and Welsh law, as it should be.)

That's a lot of modules... Most universities I'm familiar with have four modules per year. Where are you studying at?

etherealwinds responds:

Yeah I'm doing Join Honours, Law and Economics! Law had four modules and Economics had two. ^0^ Plymouth. By the way, I added you on Skype. There's something I wanted to speak to you about!


2013-08-29 12:56:51

Thanks for adding me; but are my messages coming through?


2013-08-29 14:18:13

Yess! Congratulations :D

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you so much PHOAMY


2013-08-29 21:24:06

._. why is law attract so many musicians...??? It's the world most boring subject ever.

etherealwinds responds:

What do you do? :)


2013-08-29 22:20:57

My job? Make sure network servers don't fail.

etherealwinds responds:

Each to their own ^_~


2013-08-30 22:52:54

Many congratulations to you, my friend! Now that you've gotten the results to the second round of the NGADM, you must be up on Cloud Nine. I raise my glass to you...Sláinte!

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you :D


2013-09-02 15:44:11

Congratz my bro! still hope you win, oh and you gotta tell me: do you think you will win the NGADM?

etherealwinds responds:

Haha it's very unlikely but it's been a great experience nonetheless. I urge everyone to audition for the next NGADM! :)


2013-09-07 09:33:51

i bet you win, bro! i bet my PINGAS! you will win!


2013-09-13 11:26:21


etherealwinds responds:

Thank you Chris :)


2013-09-14 13:43:45

If you play harp that's kinda badass

etherealwinds responds:

Would it take away a bit of the badass if I told you I gave my harp a name? pahahaha


2013-10-03 15:23:45

A musical lawyer, I see :D. And a harpist. That is fascinating.

etherealwinds responds:

heh it sounds cooler than it actually is! :p