NGADM Semi-Finals!

2013-10-08 07:45:55 by etherealwinds

So this has become my little place to vent I guess. So it looks like I'm still in the NGADM {Newgrounds Audio Death Match for those who are unfamiliar}! Last round I was up against the omnipotent Headphoamz, my favourite contender right from Round 1 and a now a kind friend. Anybody who's been watching the competition or knows of Headphoamz can probably feel that nerve-wracking ball in their stomach and I was certainly no different. While putting together Mystic's Shore, I'd actually managed to prepare myself properly for leaving the wonderful process that is the NGADM.

So. The results come out and I read the other groups placing my hand over the monitor is I scroll down, as mine and Headphoamz' results were the second group, but I wanted to read them last as I was feeling fluttery {like a butterfly on a warm spring day}. I was actually a little shocked at some of the results, but bam, Kor-Rune, SteamPianist and johnfn all through. Back up I scrolled to group two. "etherealwinds vs Headphoamz"...

I scrolled down little by little, slowly revealing each judge score one by one. I'd actually seemed to score really quite highly, noticing lots of 9's all over the place, only to see I got 9.39. What the hell? Before moving onto Phoamy's scores, I quickly scanned through the other groups and sure enough, I ended up feeling real pleased. "Going out of this competition with the second highest score is only the best of honours" I thought to myself. So back up again, scrolling one by one down Headphoamz' scores noticing all of her 9's too! It seemed like we'd got practically the same scores and to my disbelief, it could actually be really quite close which is something I definitely wasn't expecting.

"9.26". For about 10 seconds, I was actually feeling SO happy for her and feeling I must congratulate her because I'd forgotten what score I'd got. I was just thinking how astonishing it must be to get 9.26 because that's a bloody high score. Then the realisation hit me that I'd actually gotten... somehow... that tiny bit higher. What? It took me a good few hours at least to get my head around all of this. I felt angry because Headphoamz wasn't going through and she was definitely my favourite to win. I felt shocked that I'd managed to get through not only that round but to the semi-finals. I've been put up against 4 REALLY respectable musicians up til now! Breed, xHalcyonicFalcon, ChronoNomad and now Headphoamz. On top of all that, I really couldn't get my head around the fact that by Headphoamz having the second highest score that round, that meant that I had the highest...? I guess even a few days later as I write this, I still kinda can't believe it.

Anyway, here's Headphoamz' wonderful track that earned her such a deservedly high score. Huge props to her.

I'm now up against the wonderfully talented johnfn. Who knows how this is going to turn out? ._.


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2013-10-08 16:43:23

It was definitely a close match but don't put yourself down, you really deserve to have made it this far mate!


etherealwinds responds:

You're very kind Braiiiii, thank you :)


2013-10-10 19:20:58

Wow... you have the patience of a saint. My strategy at looking at judging results is to ignore the signs of impending heart attack and scroll as fast as possible to my name and instantly look at the winner box. Anything else and I would probably die of anxiety.

etherealwinds responds:

I prefer to ease myself into it. If it's a good result, then the excitement has built up. If it's bad, then the tension has built up and I've had time to prepare for the worst ^_~ although it's all fun!


2013-10-11 16:51:37

The day we have one grey wizard appreciates another white wizard on NG. It's a fabulous thing to see.

etherealwinds responds: