2013-10-12 14:42:11 by etherealwinds

Anybody know much about setting up a website/website design/domain registration/hosting etc.

I'm at a loss and I don't really know much about this kind of thing. Help pls thx! :)


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2013-10-12 15:36:36

Try this tutorial on YouTube, I've used it and it's great! No problems

(P.S- It does cost a fee of about 10.00 per month to keep your website active through hostgator)

Or, you can use

Check it out.


2013-10-14 16:28:20

For starters, here's a pretty good list of webhosts, both free and paid:

If you're not looking for anything too advanced, I'd recommend

They're cheap, have a solid server infrastructure and don't oversell.

I'm hosted with , but I wouldn't fully recommend them, I signed up on a permanent discount and considering the prices it's worth it ($2/m). Most large hosts (including WHB, which I use, or HostGator) never let you fully use up your resources. For most users it doesn't matter since they never use that much of their quota, but if you go through their TOS there's always a clause stating you can only use a specific amount of CPU or total space... meaning that if your site actually does start bringing in heavy traffic they'll shut you down and ask you to upgrade to a dedicated server. Unlimited is always bogus.

As for website/website design, I'd recommend setting up a WordPress installation, it's a powerful blog/CMS that you can pretty much turn into whatever you want, and modify with use of themes/plugins even if you have no prior design knowledge. It's also free and open-source. Let me know if you need help installing stuff, and I'm available for design services too (but that's a time-consuming task so I don't work for free :P). Good luck!


2013-10-17 16:16:15

I'm a tech nerd, I can help! PM me with questions and stuff.


2013-10-18 19:33:38

Cyberdevil's suggestion is probably best for hosting, only.

For starter, you can begin with total user-friendly semi-DIY webdesign with, or Wix. I choose Wix over other due to the easiness and features to choose from. They all offer you a domain on paid subscription.

Though, if you want someone does the web-building work for you. Consider since you are in UK.

For professional who only does web-designing for musicians,

Then, you have the total freedom of self design site, now you have to choose the hosting service.