Tree of Life - WoW Machinima

2014-11-10 23:49:38 by etherealwinds

Hello everyone! Forest Elves' (mine and Merryberry's) music was used in Nixxiom's latest Machinima!!


Feel free to take a look. It's a gorgeous creation!




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2014-11-11 03:36:58

Indeed... would you mind to check my video?


2014-11-11 04:28:33

Beautiful. Very fitting for Warcraft, too. The mystical atmosphere is doubled.


2014-11-12 13:25:41

They say that humans would have to have a ~4 meter wingspan to fly. I think if those creatures flapped their ears, they could fly. I really do.

Beautiful music, as always, and- woo, that credits music too. Take my money, take my soul. It's not much, but it's all I have.