Support me on Bandcamp!

2016-02-01 13:00:58 by etherealwinds

Hey guys!

After a lot of encouragement from friends and listeners, I finally went ahead and made a Bandcamp page! I'll still be posting my music for free on my YouTube and Newgrounds pages, but this is just for those that have asked how they can support me, or if they can buy my tracks :)

You can find me on where I've released my track, Aurora Dawn!

I will be releasing a lot of new music there too. I hope you're all well and thanks for all of your support and kind words~


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2016-02-01 13:47:59

Your stuff is lovely! Definitely following you from now on.

etherealwinds responds:

You are so kind :) thank you, glad to meet you!


2016-03-24 20:35:35

Hey old friend :) You should put up all your songs for sale. Or slap a bunch of them into an album to sell. I'd happily buy your music ^_^