Debut Single: Face the Silence

2016-07-06 09:40:08 by etherealwinds


Greetings fellow Newgroundians. Last month, I released my first ever purchasable track and I thought I'd share it here. I've had a pretty tough time of it recently and in April, my mother passed away, fairly unexpectedly. I hadn't been dealing with things very well at all. I had to suspend my studies and pretty much closed down. This track was the result of mustering up the remaining strength I had to focus all of those emotions into something I could make in her memory. This is definitely the most personal piece of music I've made and released to the public, and I really hope someone can take something from this. 



Available for purchase:

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2016-07-06 09:48:31

I pray that your mother finds eternal rest.... and that you and your family are keeping okay through this time. Losing a parent is tough, I know. *hug*

I will listen to that track -- I know it's a labour of love from you.


2016-07-06 18:39:40

bought it. well done.


2016-07-11 13:18:51

I'm going to the bank today to open an account, because I can't make paypal purchases without a debit card apparently :/ I'll be sure to buy it as soon as I get my card lol. It's a very good song!


2016-12-20 20:19:03

So very sorry to hear about your mom's passing this year :'( I also lost mine. Sending warm and kind feelings your way..


2017-06-06 03:12:46

It's been a while, my heart hurts for you. But I hope you can find hope and reason to keep studying and doing what you love!