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Hello everyone!!

So, it's that time of year again for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, the contest that really boosted my skills when I entered for the first time back in 2013! I met so many great people and I look forward to this every year. Last year, it didn't take place, but this year, it's back and I'm guessing it's gonna be the best NGADM yet. So many talented applicants already and the audition phase hasn't even ended yet!!

Today is the last day to enter, and they're at 230 auditions. 5 more auditions and it'll be the highest amount of applicants for the NGADM of all time (if I'm not mistaken)! 

Submit your auditions here:

Happy Hunger Games!

Debut Single: Face the Silence

2016-07-06 09:40:08 by etherealwinds


Greetings fellow Newgroundians. Last month, I released my first ever purchasable track and I thought I'd share it here. I've had a pretty tough time of it recently and in April, my mother passed away, fairly unexpectedly. I hadn't been dealing with things very well at all. I had to suspend my studies and pretty much closed down. This track was the result of mustering up the remaining strength I had to focus all of those emotions into something I could make in her memory. This is definitely the most personal piece of music I've made and released to the public, and I really hope someone can take something from this. 



Available for purchase:

► iTunes:
► Amazon:
► Spotify:
► Loudr:
► CDBaby:
► Bandcamp:

Support me on Bandcamp!

2016-02-01 13:00:58 by etherealwinds

Hey guys!

After a lot of encouragement from friends and listeners, I finally went ahead and made a Bandcamp page! I'll still be posting my music for free on my YouTube and Newgrounds pages, but this is just for those that have asked how they can support me, or if they can buy my tracks :)

You can find me on where I've released my track, Aurora Dawn!

I will be releasing a lot of new music there too. I hope you're all well and thanks for all of your support and kind words~

Tree of Life - WoW Machinima

2014-11-10 23:49:38 by etherealwinds

Hello everyone! Forest Elves' (mine and Merryberry's) music was used in Nixxiom's latest Machinima!!


Feel free to take a look. It's a gorgeous creation!



NGADM 2014 Group Round - More Stats!

2014-08-26 16:44:52 by etherealwinds

I thought I'd provide some more stats for the Group Round of the NGADM 2014. I remember somebody created a ranking list last year that I always found pretty useful. Those in bold are the winners of each group.

I've also averaged out each judges' score to find the strictest and the kindest scoring judge for the group rounds.

Just out interest y'know. Here you go!

Group Round - Rankings
1) Bosa + Kor-Rune - 9.12
2) etherealwinds - 9.03
3) DamienFleisch - 8.97
4) garlagan - 8.93
5) ZipZipper + steampianist - 8.79
6) SoundChris + Hitokirito - 8.77
7) SkyeWint + camoshark - 8.63
8) introstalge - 8.61
9) SilverPoyozo - 8.53
10) Sequenced - 8.48
11) Acid-Paradox - 8.47
12) johnfn - 8.46
12) CoredxBitch - 8.46
14) JacobCadmus - 8.43
15) PirateCrab - 8.32
16) SolarexMusic - 8.28
17) Cross666 - 8.275
18) LunyAlex - 8.25
19) papkee - 8.2
20) JDawg00100 - 8.19
21) Spadezer - 8.18
22) AeronMusic - 8.08
23) RetromanOMG - 8.06
24) PeterSatera - 7.94
25) Pandasticality - 7.91
26) DuttonsaysHi - 7.9
27) Troisnyx - 7.82
28) InvisibleObserver - 7.81
29) ChronoNomad - 7.72
30) Basset-Hound - 7.67
30) Phonometrologist - 7.67
32) IglicaV - 7.66
33) JimmyPig - 7.65
34) SonicWombat - 7.63
34) dexarson - 7.63
36) TheBenjerman - 7.62
37) Kabalist - 7.6
37) Nimble - 7.6
39) Jay-Turner - 7.58
40) Mawnz - 7.53
40) Veneox - 7.53
41) KatMaestro + JRob - 7.4
41) SourJovis - 7.4
44) TetratonMusic - 7.37
45) larrylarrybb - 7.34
46) Azhthar - 7.29
47) Metallica1136 - 7.28
48) secantwave - 7.26
49) Chemiqals - 7.23
50) TosmatoBeef - 7.1
51) BrainLight - 7.01
52) Ceevro - 6.95
53) LunacyEcho - 6.76
54) Jernemies - 6.73
55) MrStr8face - 6.68
56) PascalPalomino - 6.6
57) Guylee - 6.51
58) Braiton - 6.475
59) soulblud - 5.98
60) Cimba - 5.17
61) FlaggedOnArrival - 4.62


I've averaged up each judge's scoring for every track submitted in the group rounds and come up with the total score awarded and the average score for each judge.

The judges are in order of the most pussycat and the Simon Cowell of the panel this round.

Judges' Average Scoring:

Step - 
Total points awarded: 506.8 
Average score: 8.31

Total points awarded: 488.2
Average score: 8

Total points awarded: 462
Average score: 7.57

Total points awarded: 454.75
Average score: 7.45

Total points awarded: 451.22
Average score: 7.4

Total points awarded: 450.7
Average score: 7.39

Hopefully the extra stats are either helpful or at least of interest to those curious! If anybody notices any mistakes then let me know.

*~ Roll on Round 2! ~*

NGADM has come to a close

2013-11-10 14:28:43 by etherealwinds

Hello fellas and ladyfellas.

I've only been here for 5 months and the community here have welcomed me so kindly. I've met some wonderfully talented and awesome people, most notably through the NGADM in which I was lucky enough to snap up joint third place alongside last year's winner, Kor-Rune. What an honour and a wonderful opportunity I've been blessed with participating in. I've learned a hell of a lot and I'm now on my way to going even further with my musical identity.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, invaluable critique, and all-in-all motivation. I'll be seeing y'all around!

NGADM has come to a close


2013-10-12 14:42:11 by etherealwinds

Anybody know much about setting up a website/website design/domain registration/hosting etc.

I'm at a loss and I don't really know much about this kind of thing. Help pls thx! :)

NGADM Semi-Finals!

2013-10-08 07:45:55 by etherealwinds

So this has become my little place to vent I guess. So it looks like I'm still in the NGADM {Newgrounds Audio Death Match for those who are unfamiliar}! Last round I was up against the omnipotent Headphoamz, my favourite contender right from Round 1 and a now a kind friend. Anybody who's been watching the competition or knows of Headphoamz can probably feel that nerve-wracking ball in their stomach and I was certainly no different. While putting together Mystic's Shore, I'd actually managed to prepare myself properly for leaving the wonderful process that is the NGADM.

So. The results come out and I read the other groups placing my hand over the monitor is I scroll down, as mine and Headphoamz' results were the second group, but I wanted to read them last as I was feeling fluttery {like a butterfly on a warm spring day}. I was actually a little shocked at some of the results, but bam, Kor-Rune, SteamPianist and johnfn all through. Back up I scrolled to group two. "etherealwinds vs Headphoamz"...

I scrolled down little by little, slowly revealing each judge score one by one. I'd actually seemed to score really quite highly, noticing lots of 9's all over the place, only to see I got 9.39. What the hell? Before moving onto Phoamy's scores, I quickly scanned through the other groups and sure enough, I ended up feeling real pleased. "Going out of this competition with the second highest score is only the best of honours" I thought to myself. So back up again, scrolling one by one down Headphoamz' scores noticing all of her 9's too! It seemed like we'd got practically the same scores and to my disbelief, it could actually be really quite close which is something I definitely wasn't expecting.

"9.26". For about 10 seconds, I was actually feeling SO happy for her and feeling I must congratulate her because I'd forgotten what score I'd got. I was just thinking how astonishing it must be to get 9.26 because that's a bloody high score. Then the realisation hit me that I'd actually gotten... somehow... that tiny bit higher. What? It took me a good few hours at least to get my head around all of this. I felt angry because Headphoamz wasn't going through and she was definitely my favourite to win. I felt shocked that I'd managed to get through not only that round but to the semi-finals. I've been put up against 4 REALLY respectable musicians up til now! Breed, xHalcyonicFalcon, ChronoNomad and now Headphoamz. On top of all that, I really couldn't get my head around the fact that by Headphoamz having the second highest score that round, that meant that I had the highest...? I guess even a few days later as I write this, I still kinda can't believe it.

Anyway, here's Headphoamz' wonderful track that earned her such a deservedly high score. Huge props to her.

I'm now up against the wonderfully talented johnfn. Who knows how this is going to turn out? ._.

Law Year 1!

2013-08-29 10:53:34 by etherealwinds

So I don't know how it works elsewhere, but in my Law degree there are six modules.

Passing each module = 20 points and to go onto year 2 you need 120 points.

I was practically shitting myself for my last module's results because either I'd have failed the year or passed and gone onto year 2. I got my results today and I passsssssssed!

yayay okay so now NGADM Round 2 results tomorrow, hoho my nerves are shot.

OverClocked ReMix

2013-08-14 17:23:57 by etherealwinds

Gonna keep this short.

About 8 months ago, I decided on a whim to submit a remix of Hymn of the Fayth from FFX to OC Remix. Knowing how completely strict they are, I fully didn't expect to get accepted. Guess who's now an official OC ReMixer?

fdsofja so baffled. This is a huge achievement for me as OC Remix is genuinely such a prestigious website when it comes to video-game music. I can certainly tick that off the bucket list. *___* Feeling amazing.